Read what Five Star Customers are Saying

“Five Star Carpets lives up to it’s name! They have been able to schedule carpet cleaning for our property management company on short notice and their after hours emergency response is second to none! Great job Chuck and Dave!"

--Don Shepherd

“I have been a customer of Five Star for about 15 years. I highly recommend them. They were even able to get rid of red spray paint on a beige carpet. They are pleasant to work with and very professional.”

--Reni Ferguson



Thanks for looking us up. My name is Chuck Grytness. My wife and I started this business in 1984 to serve Medford, Ashland and Jackson County. We bought into a national carpet cleaning franchise. We soon learned that these large corporations were looking out more for themselves than for us, the local owners. We were required to use their cleaning products and their equipment, which we soon found was inferior to that which was available on the open market. Over 10% of our gross income had to be sent back to corporate headquarters, thus we had to charge our customers more. In 1989 we took a leap of faith and started FIVE STAR CARPET SERVICE.

We have seen a lot of changes throughout the years in cleaning supplies and equipment. We have upgraded our equipment 8 times since 1984 and continue to do so about every 5 to 7 years. The cleansers we use have improved by leaps and bounds compared to what we used in the past. They are non-toxic, bio degradable and animal safe.

Most of our business is referrals. We take pride in doing the best job possible so you will tell your neighbors, friends and relatives about the best cleaning you ever had. We don’t pay our employees minimum wages like many of the other companies. Some companies have employees that are here today and gone tomorrow, and it shows in their results. One of our employees has worked for us for over 20 years and everyone asks for Dave.


So call today - we look forward to working for you!


Chuck Grytness